Translate Initiatives Into Action

Meet 24-year veteran Jeff Stern

Accelerating Strategic Clarity & Team Enablement


Jeff has watched a remarkably consistent pattern emerge during the course of his 24 years of diverse, global, multi-industry experience (Consumer Packaged Goods, Healthcare, Spirits) across dozens of brands in as many countries: a clash between the strategic clarity an organization needs to bring to its many initiatives, and the chaotic environments in which it is expected to accomplish them.  It’s this clash he now helps clients overcome as principal of Capacibility, LLC, a strategic clarity and team enablement consultancy.

Prior to launching his consulting practice, Jeff held leadership roles in brand management, consumer/shopper marketing, advertising/content, strategy, innovation, and capability at: 


He is an MBA graduate of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.


How Past Clients & Colleagues Describe Jeff's Work

He has a great gift for taking a complex issue and helping people understand it.
— EVP Marketing
The pragmatic approach and order you bring to any situation is amazing.
— Vice President
I’ve paid consultants to help me with this work. What you’ve developed is in a completely different class.
— Retail Customer CMO
Incredibly thoughtful and poised in handling ambiguous situations. The epitome of ‘calm, cool, collected’.
— Chief Consumer Officer
The best facilitator I’ve ever had. You have a real talent for engaging an audience and drawing out different perspectives.
— Marketing Director
You really have a calming effect on people, and you put them at ease.
— Marketing Director