Translate Initiatives Into Action

The Toolkit for Your Toolkit

Translating Your Initiative into Action


Let's determine your toolkit readiness.

Need to build one or more of your planks first?

  • Know-HOW Tool Builder

Architecting the enabling tools, templates, and guidelines, tailored according to whether team execution should be about Uniformity or simply Unity.

  • Know-WHY Purpose Clarifier

Establishing and expressing the burning platform that conveys “why us” and    “why now.”

  • Know-WHAT Strategy Decoder

Defining or refining the clear/unwavering strategic choices that underpin the initiative, having fully considered alternatives and assessed trade-offs.

Ready to develop and launch your toolkit?

  • Toolkit Developer

Translating your Know-WHY/WHAT/HOW into a holistic, action-oriented toolkit. 

Includes selection of the most effective toolkit format(s), development/production of your complete toolkit, and the design of a robust launch plan.



With any of these services:

If you just need a little guidance and structure:

We will facilitate a collaborative, engaging, and impactful workshop with all the right players to arrive at the deliverable.

If you need deeper support:

We will serve as your strategist-in-residence to lead/project-manage the deliverable.

Which of these match your needs?